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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (7/2/24)

Happy 4th of July week to all of you!  This week, we will focus on walleye and panfish.  Walleye are biting on leeches beneath a bobber and small minnows on a jig (big fat heads have worked well).   Walleyes can feel resistance so, when using a bobber, make sure there is plenty of weight on the line to counter the buoyancy of the float.  Crappies and big bluegill have been biting on smaller fathead minnows on a jig, too, while bluegill of all sizes are eating up worms beneath a bobber like there is no tomorrow!  You will find all three species in the weeds, from 8’-14’, but now is the time to start expanding your search into deeper water and midlake structures.  As you get deeper, crappies will start to suspend in the water column, while bluegill and walleye will remain closest to the bottom.  Use and trust your electronics to see where fish are holding on your lake of choice.  Thanks for reading and have a happy, safe, and fun fourth!

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