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Bring family fun to the next level.

Baxstar guides really enjoy fishing with families and with young anglers. Some of our guides are current and former teachers, so get ready to learn something new!  You will not find a more fun-filled family activity this winter.

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Teach a Kid to Fish

That's the goal at Baxstar!  Our guides have developed patience through their experience in the classroom, and through teaching their own children how to fish.  Their patience and attention to detail assures that your youngest family members will not be overlooked on your trip.  In fact, kids always learn a lot in a short period of time.  Soon, they will be teaching you how to fish!

Focus on Fun

Our primary focus on family trips is you and your family.  With our people first approach to family fishing trips, Baxstar clients have fun before they even put a line in the water.  Once the fishing begins, you can trust Baxstar guides to know what fish to target and at what times they will bite.  We look forward to helping your family create memories that will last a lifetime!

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