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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (6/4/24)

Fishing remains strong in the Detroit Lakes area.  Walleyes can be found anywhere from 8’-19’, with a majority in the 13’-15’ range.  The shiner bite is slowing down but not completely over.  Grab some medium suckers and shiners to be safe.  Snap jigging has worked well in windy conditions while a medium leech beneath a bobber has produced on still days.  A live bait rig with a slightly larger minnow is another great option.  Largemouth bass are still biting in various depths, from 2’ to 10’.  They are relating to exposed reeds and lily pads, and shallow weedlines from 8’-10’.  You will also find crappies in that 8’-10’ range, near the weeds.  Move out a few feet, and you will catch more pike than you can shake a stick at!  The weather is stabilizing this week, which should bring excellent fishing along with it.  FYI- there is a walleye tournament on Detroit Lake this Saturday.  You may want to fish another lake that day to avoid the crowd. 

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