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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (6/25/24)

Updated: Jun 27

The best walleye fishing this past week was during low light hours, as early as 5:30 am and as late as 10:00 pm.  Clear lakes, lots of sunshine and a lack of wind contributed to this schedule as boats are easily spotted by fish in those conditions.  The best solution is a leech beneath a slip bobber.  This setup allows anglers to easily target walleye at a distance, whether they are on the bottom or suspended in the water column. Using this setup in conjunction with live imaging or side imaging will make it even more effective. (One hot tip for you–’eyes like medium leeches.)  Muskies are chasing big plastic bulldogs and bucktails.  Just be careful not to retrieve bucktails too fast this time of year.  Finally, the crappie bite has been incredible on Detroit and other lakes the past few days.  We typically use bigger fatheads to target bigger crappies, but smaller fatheads and crappie minnows have been the most effective bait.  Try for crappies in depths in and around 10’.  Good luck to all of you anglers out there.  This might be the week you catch the “big one”!

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