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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (5/7/24)

We’ve all waited patiently for long enough.  Now is the time to get excited!  It looks like the weather is going to cooperate for the fishing opener this Saturday, which is great news.  I’ve seen a few walleyes in shallow moving water the past few days, but not en masse.  I predict walleyes will be found in various depths on area lakes this Saturday.  I will be starting shallow near weedlines and/or moving water in my boat, but I’ll be prepared to move as needed to find the fish.  It’s hard to beat live minnows on a jig for walleye but plastics come a close second this time of year.  If the bite is slow, throw on a bobber to slow down your presentation.  Largemouth bass are abundant in shallow water right now and they are very active–weightless plastic jerkbait and lipless crankbaits will get you in on the action!  Good luck to all of you this weekend.  Be safe and have fun participating in the greatest sport in the world!

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