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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (3/19/24)

Is anyone else cursing this cold weather?  Considering the Winter we had, it sure is a day late and a buck short!  To heck with it.  Let’s talk river fishing!  The DNR has put in many accesses on Rainy river already and they should all be out very soon.  The catch and release season for Walleye, Sauger, and Sturgeon runs through April 14th.  Due to low water levels on Rainy Lake, they will not be releasing any water at the dam in International Falls for the time being.  This makes fishing the river much easier as the water will not be running as fast, and it won’t be as deep.  We’ve caught Sturgeon in as shallow as 4 feet in years like this, so don’t discount the shallower water.  As for Walleye and Sauger, pull out your white and gold jigs, and buy any sucker minnow you can find.  Word on the street is they are all but impossible to find at any bait shop along the way.  Good luck to those traveling up North.  More to come next week!

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