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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (3/12/24)

I have officially put away my ice fishing gear for the year and it looks like I am not alone!  Area lakes are all but empty, and it’s a good thing.  The colder weather coming our way may help ice conditions but, unless you are monitoring the ice on a daily basis, I do not recommend venturing out any more.  While most of us are ready to move on from a Winter that wasn’t, none of us will forget these past few months.  To you, the reader, thank you for checking out this fishing report each week this Winter!  I hope it has helped you in some way.  The good news is, we have something to look forward to now…  The countdown to open water is on!  In the coming weeks, I will discuss river fishing, early season crappie fishing, and preparing for the fishing opener in May.  Until then, be safe and take those longer rods out of storage!

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