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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (2/7/24)

Walleye and crappie fishing has been outstanding on multiple lakes in the area.  Both the walleye and crappie bite has shifted to the overnight hours, and people are having trouble sleeping with rattle reels going off every 10 minutes.  That said, you can still catch them around sunrise and sunset, too.  Full fathead and sucker minnows on a rattle reel, tip up or deadstick are your best bet right now.  Fish can still be found around green weeds in 6’-10’, but other fish have moved out to deeper waters- 18’-30’ for walleye, and 20’-60’ for crappies (they are suspended at 20’-30’).  Pike can be found anywhere shallower than 25’, and you can find bass near the weeds.  If we can avoid most of the rain in the forecast, ice conditions should still be okay but I recommend keeping your car or truck on shore for now.   Use common sense this week, and be safe!

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