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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (2/27/24)

The season for most game fish ended this Sunday.  I hope many of you were able to get on some fish this winter, despite the extreme conditions.  That said, the panfish and perch season is still in full swing!  Bluegills are active throughout the day into the twilight hours on many lakes, and the crappie bite has been most active starting at 6 pm and lasting throughout the night in many cases.  We continue to find gills and crappies near green weeds, in 8’-16’.  Panfish are biting on small tungsten jigs tipped with wax worms, as well as full fathead minnows on deadsticks and tip ups.  More than anything, safety is of the utmost importance right now.  Warm weather has caused lake ice to deteriorate substantially.  Clear strong ice has turned cloudy, and ice thickness is decreasing.  When ice near shore gives way to open water, it will be game over!  Please be careful when venturing out. Walking is the only safe way to go now. Good luck!

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