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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (1/23/24)

With safe ice covering most lakes in the area, the ice fishing season is starting to pick up momentum!  The fishing continues to be good due, in part, to lack of pressure on many lakes.  Walleyes have shifted deeper, from 12’-22’, and smaller suckers, shiners and fatheads are the ticket.  We are catching a lot of aggressive bluegills and small perch on wax worms in those depths, too.  Crappies can be found in various depths right now and they are biting on spoons tipped with wax worms and small minnows on a dead stick.  You can find them suspended over 20’-40’ basins in lakes that reach those depths.  We have also been catching crappies on the edge of the dying weedlines in 9’-12’.  Large sucker minnows and shiners will attract large pike in 10’-18’ and big bass in the weeds–around 8’-10’ in most lakes. Enjoy the warm weather coming our way.  It’s a great time to go fishing!

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