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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report 1/9/23

Most shallow lakes in the area have 11”-12” of ice right now, but deeper lakes and lakes with a strong current have thinner ice toward the middle.  For example, there was still open water on Big Cormorant and Little Pelican last week.  While those lakes may be frozen over by now, the ice there is still dangerously thin in deeper water.  The takeaway is this: you still need to check ice conditions before you go out fishing.  Please be safe!  We continue to catch walleye with fathead minnows.  Jigging, dead sticks, and tip-ups have all produced fish.  Look for bigger eyes in the weeds at 9-11”, while smaller walleye are biting deeper, in 17’-20’.  We’re catching crappies in and around the weeds on small spoons tipped with wax worms.  You’ll also find them suspended in deeper water.  Finally, pike are roaming in and out of weeds lines, anywhere from 7’-15’.  Good luck this week!

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