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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (5/1/24)

*This picture was from last Summer. Man, I can't wait to put on a pair of shorts again!

Sure, the weather is a bit dreary but this is what April is supposed to look and feel like, right?!  The rain we are getting is much needed, so it’s a welcome change to the drought conditions we’ve had for so long.  The crappie bite has not changed much.  You can still find them in shallow warm water on area lakes and live bait under a bobber is going to be your best bet.  Moving on, the walleye, bass, and pike opener is less than 2 weeks away!  This cooler, typical April weather is what we want to see, leading up to the 11th.  For reasons related to the weather, there has not been a premature shiner run.  The hope is, the shiner run will begin right around the walleye opener.  If this happens, it could be good news for those planning to chase ‘eyes on opening weekend.  Next week, we’ll dedicate this report entirely to preparing for the bass and walleye opener.  Until then, stay dry and get your equipment ready to go!

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