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Holes are drilled.
Life is good.

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3rd Party Ice Castle rentals in the Detroit Lakes Area 
Here is how to rent an Ice Castle:

1) Contact Darren with Rugged Rentals at 701-351-4606 to check availability & secure your rental.

2) Once you confirm your rental, contact Baxstar at 701-261-3703 to set up a time to transport your rental.

*If you would like to hire Baxstar to guide you in your Ice Castle at 50% off the normal rate, or if you would like to rent fishing equipment you can discuss it at this time.

3) That it!  Baxstar will do the rest.  You can just show up the first day of your rental and start fishing!


Friday-Sunday Packages: $750 - $875*

$135 - $175 for each additional day

*17' & 21" Ice Castles available.  3-Day, 2-Night rental.  Prices subject to change 

Ice Castle Amenities:


Satelite TV


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