Guiding Rates

Open Water & Ice Fishing

4 hours- $300 for 1-2 people, $50/additional person 

5 hours- $350 for 1-2 people, $62.50/additional person

6 hours- $400 for 1-2 people, $75/additional person

8 hour- $600 for 1-2 people, $100/additional person

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No-Contact Rates

Consultation by phone or online via Zoom

Lake Information: $100


Lake Information + Tackle & Technique Tips: $150

Lake Information + Tips + GPS Pin Sharing: $200

Pontoon Rentals & Lake Tours

Non-Peak Rate: $350

Non-Peak period is from May 22nd - June 24th and August 16th - September 5th

Peak Rate: $400

Peak period is from June 25th - August 15th


Baxstar lets clients customize their pontoon trip to meet their needs.  You can rent a pontoon and drive it yourself, or you can hire a Baxstar driver to drive you and your group around.  It's up to you!  All pontoon rentals without a driver last from 10 am - 6 pm.  All pontoon rentals with a driver last for 4-8 hours.  Start times may vary.

Lake Tours

Baxstar can accommodate up to 11 people on the pontoon for lake tours.  All lake tours are guided by Brady, owner of Baxstar and local historian.  Tours last between 2.5-3 hours.  Start times vary based on clients preferences.

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Ice Fishing Equipment Rental Rates

Permanent Day House (8x16), 6 person max

Equipment not included.  See Equipment Rental prices below. 

Includes: heater, electricity, drilled holes & 15-20 minute consult with guide.  

*50% off all inclusive guide service with rental

Weekdays (Mon-Thurs)- $125/day, $50 for each additional person

Weekend (Fri-Sun)- $150/day for 1 person, $50 for each additional person


Ice Castle Sleeper House (subject to availability) 

Includes generator, gas, propane, electric auger, 15-20 minute consult with guide. 

*50% off all inclusive guide service with rental

8x16- $225/day (2-day/minimum)

8x21- $275/day (2-day/minimum)


Equipment rental

Fish finder, up to 4 rods/reels, 2 tip ups, tackle- $100/day

Add $5 for each additional rod/reel​

Add $30 for each additional fish finder 

Sled- $25/day

Group in Otter Outdoors fish house.jpeg

 Baxstar accepts credit cards and most other forms of payment 

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