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Detroit Lakes Fishing Report (4/17/24)

This past week teased area anglers with a little bit of sunshine, before cold and rainy conditions settled in.  Water temperatures were rising up until the weekend, and fish were beginning the predictable transition to shallower, warmer water.  We followed the fish in my boat and caught crappies and many bluegill in depths ranging from 2’-4’, where the temperatures ranged from 49-53 degrees.  The most recent rain has cooled surface water temps and this may affect the pre-spawn progression for crappies but it’s important to remember we rely heavily on water temps as an indicator, while fish actually write the script each year based on a few factors.  So, abrupt changes in conditions may not spark an exodus back to deeper waters.  Your best bet right now is to continue looking for the warmest water, start there, and move as needed until you find fish.  Soon enough shallow water will be the ticket on every lake.  Stay tuned for more info!

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