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What to expect on your trip.

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All Trips

All Baxstar clients can expect to have a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.  Baxstar guides are more than expert fisherman.  They are friendly,  enthusiastic, and approachable.  Importantly, they will work hard for you every time.  Clients can also expect a warm fish house during the winter, and a comfortable boat during the summer.

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Catch and Release Trips

Catch and release trips, or "just for fun" trips afford the clients the best chance to catch fish as your guide will target the most aggressive fish.  In fact, clients usually catch a lot of fish on these trips!  Typical species inlcude Northern Pike, Bass and Bluegill/Sunfish.

Catch and Keep

Baxstar also offers trips targeting Crappies and Walleyes, with the goal of keeping the fish to eat.  Over the years, our guides have sent clients home with plenty of slabs for dinner table!

There is never a guarantee when it comes to Crappies and Walleye fishing. Walleyes are the most targeted game fish in the State and, as a result, they are the most difficult to catch. Large Crappies on the other hand, are becoming increasingly rare due to fishing pressure on Minnesota's lakes.  Baxstar guides are out scouting area lakes at all times, analyzing fish patterns, and finding hot spots. These guides are very good at what they do, and this hard work provides clients with the best opportunity to catch elusive game fish. That being said, Baxstar can not guarantee you will catch Walleyes or large Crappies on your trip.

Baxstar will always bring you to an area that produces fish, but it is important you understand that fish are constantly on the move, and they can be finicky at times. To increase your odds of catching Walleyes and Crappies, clients can do the following 3 things, listed below.

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Move Around

When ice fishing, be willing to move around for Walleyes and/or Crappies--even when it's cold outside. You will likely not catch your limit sitting in a chair inside a fish house. The most successful clients are willing to fish alongside their guide and "hole hop", outside (you can always take a break inside the heated tent, for as long as you want).

Use our Gear

Take advantage of Baxstar's gear, instead of using your own. From the action of the rod, to the diameter of the line, our gear is finely tuned to catch fish.

Listen Closely

Listen closely to your guide. Your guide knows the best techniques and strategies to catch fish. Straying from these strategies and techniques may decrease the number of fish you catch.

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